15 Piece European Ceramic Tea Sets, with Metal Holder

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NTEE: If you receive the product with broken, please take photos and contact us after receive the parcel. We will response and arrange the second shipping or refund very soon. We support to do wholesale, OEM and ODM. PACKAGE:1 x coffee pot, 6 x coffee cup, 6 x saucer, 6 x spoon, 1 x sugar bowl, 1 x milk jug, 1 x Golden metal holder.The ceramic product are packed with foam and shockproof box to prevent broken in the shipping way. TEA SET CAPACITY&SIZE: Coffee pot:14.5 x 10cm (5.7″ x 4″);coffee cup:10.2 x 6.5cm (4″ x 2.6″); sugar bowl:7.5 x 7cm (3″ x 2.8″);saucer 15cm (5.9″).Coffee cup:220ml (7.7oz); coffee pot:1000ml (35oz).Please check the size & volume before order it. MATERIAL& PLACE OF ORIGIN:Porcelain,safe and health, lead free,pass FDA and LFGB test. Chaozhou,China.Long history. Today, Chaozhou has been awarded the title of “China Porcelain Capital” and the city has a considerable scale of ceramic production Attention:We only send the golden holder.We don’t offer silver holder,silver holder is just a display shelf

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About Ceramics -China


China,as one of the world’s most ancient civilizations,it is fair to say that ceramics history is a very important part of China’s history.The word “china” clearly shows that the country is the “home” of pottery and porcelain.

There are many varieties of porcelain tea sets,the main ones are: celadon tea set,white porcelain tea set,black porcelain tea set and colored porcelain.These tea sets have had a glorious page in the history of Chinese tea culture.

Special Collection Function


Tea set collection has existed since ancient times.It can not only realize the function of making tea, but also can be used as home decoration.At the same time, it also has certain value-added space.Under the economic conditions,many tea friends are willing to collect a few pieces of tea sets that they like.There are many kinds of tea sets for collection,and the more popular ones are porcelain tea sets and Zisha tea sets.

Use & Maintenance

This tea set is resistant to high temperature,wear-resistant,not easy to fade. When use the tea sets at the first time,put the teapot into clean pot with cold water and boiling for about 5-10 minutes.Then remove the pot from the boiling water and set aside for natural cooling.This step can make tea sets more clean and safety.

Tea sets are pure hand-painted crafts.Available for disinfection cabinet,dishwasher and microwave oven if the tea set without colorful pattern.Not recommend to use in microwave ovens or dishwasher if the tea set with colorful pattern.

There are some small flaws in the production, such as small black spots,small bubbles and so on,it’s inevitable because of firing technology .



10 reviews for 15 Piece European Ceramic Tea Sets, with Metal Holder

  1. emilie

    It just looks so nice! I tried the dishwasher, no worries there. I had friends coming over and they just loved it! The rack is very useful too.

  2. Kristen Moon

    I have to say I’m so happy with these! I spent a lot of time on amazon looking at peoples reviews for so many different tea sets. I’m getting this for my grandmother for Christmas and I needed something perfect! When these came in the mall I was so happy. They’re so beautiful and delicate looking in person. Some people said they’re smaller than they thought so I was nervous they’d be really little but they’re not. They’re perfect ! The flowers and the gold rim are so danty and beautiful. I know my grandmother will love these! If you’re thinking of getting these for yourself or others I highly suggest you do!

  3. Chris GChris G

    I was so excited to receive this set that I’m reviewing it about an hour I opened it! I love it. It’s very pretty and heavy, well made. The packaging was very impressive. My only disappointment is the carrier is gold but I can either change that or get used to it. Overall it is very lovely.

  4. Harmony

    This tea set has been used several times already! Everything fits neatly in the carry tray and us light enough for my daughters to carry (9 & 12 yrs).I live in rural Alaska so some boxes come in really beat up condition, but this set was secure packaged and the outside of the box had scuffs but no chips or cracks! The little ceramic spoons don’t have a place in the carrying holder and we have already dropped one and broken it, and another one broke in my sink. I think I will buy little gold tea spoons to compliment this set because the ceramic included spoons we a bit small to scoop sugar or stir.The set is just gorgeous and we will continue to enjoy our tea time!

  5. Eduardo Barriga

    This set is really beautiful, attractive and very well designed and made. It looks and feels like any set made by Limoge or other expensive china manufacturer. I find no flaws or problems with this set. Congratulations. Now I can serve my 5 pm tea in a royal manner. I’m sure Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t have such a nice piece of tea set for her tea time. Greetings from Colombia.

  6. trvlgrl 44

    I feel so fancy using this tea set. My friends love it as well. Now I need never worry if Queen ever stops in…my fancy tea set will impress. So dainty I feel like I need to dress for high tea, in fact first time I used it I almost did get all dolled up then remembered I was alone…I drank a whole pot by myself and was wired for days.

  7. R. SteeleR. Steele

    I’ve always wanted a proper tea set. This one is so beautiful & traditional. I had a tea party for the Royal Wedding & my friends loved it as well. Only one spoon arrived broken & they replaced it with a few extras right away. They have been so pleasant & helpful.

  8. Gilberts

    I’m in love! My daughter has been asking for a good tea set. She picked this one, and I love that it’s something she can grow up with! It was packed beautifully, everything was wrapped and protected. My only issue.. there’s nowhere to put the spoons, aside from in the cups, in the creamer or in the sugar bowl. I do wish there was a proper place to keep them! Pictures show them hung up, but it doesn’t seem like there’s anyway for then to hang! Also wish the holder was a bit sturdier. It is absolutely beautiful though. Tried including pictures, but it’s not giving the option.

  9. Notime4awatch

    I had ordered a previous tea set and it wasn’t what I had expected, so I was skeptical of this one. Boy, was I surprised when I opened the box! This tea set is absolutely stunning! The coloring is gorgeous and the caddie is a beautiful gold tone. Tea set arrived on time and we’ll packed. No broken pieces found. I’m extremely happy with my purchase.

  10. Jeff

    I heard several so so reports but ordered anyway and I am so Glad! These are for our grandaughter’s Birthday She wanted to have a Tea Party for her party so I order this set but turns out we are buying a cheeper set to have with her little freinds! It is just Beautiful! Our daughter thought we were going to keep it for ourselves, but we bought it for our granddaughter it is hers!

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