Autumn And Winter Thickened Anti-Shock Out Baby Quilt

Autumn And Winter Thickened Anti-Shock Out Baby Quilt


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1. A soft newborn blanket. Thick warm cocoons for newborns 0-9 months
2. Used as a baby blanket, sleeping bag, stroller quilt or crib wrapper, etc.
3. A 100% cotton inner sleeping bag that wraps the whole body and can also be used as a foot cover to wrap the feet
4. Thick and warm due to the thick material of cotton and wool
5. Our cotton is very breathable and soft; and it gets softer as it is washed. Very suitable for baby’s soft skin.
6. These blankets are big enough to swaddle babies.
7. The large size allows these swaddling blankets to be used for a long time after the neonatal period.

Product information:
Product Category: Quilt
Fabric: Polyester
Suitable season: spring, winter, autumn
Filling: chemical fiber
Color: [Hugging quilt imitation cashmere] Khaki [Hugging quilt imitation cashmere] Pink [Hugging quilt imitation cashmere] Gray [Hugging quilt imitation cashmere] Blue [Hugging quilt imitation cashmere] White [Hugging quilt imitation cashmere] White imitation cashmere] Imitation Cashmere] wine red
Specifications: 3M [about 0-1 months], 6M [about 1-3 months], 9M [about 3-6 months]

Packing list:

Additional information

Weight 476.00 kg
Dimensions 350 × 300 × 150 cm

Flannel Burgundy, Wine Red, Flannel grey, Khaki, Pink, White, Flannel Khaki, Blue, Flannel blue, Flannel pink, Grey, Flannel white


9M, 6M, 3M


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