Electric Brush Cleaner Makeup Brush Tool For Automatic Cleaning

Electric Brush Cleaner Makeup Brush Tool For Automatic Cleaning


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Product information:

Product Category: Makeup brush cleaning
Applicable people: General
Product size CM: 15*14*11
Single net weight: 310g
Handle :ABS material
Base :ABS material
Sleeve: silicone material
Bottle material :PET material

1. The appearance of the handle is polished and shiny, exquisite and delicate, and comfortable to hold; the packaging is processed by matte and UV technology.
2. The base design is unique, and the placement is more beautiful;
3. The adapter is firmer, the cleaning is smoother, and the bottle body and protective cover are easier to disassemble;
4. Set the switch button light, which is more unique;
5. It can clean small makeup brushes below 5mm;
6. The circuit panel control program, the motor is equipped with a protective cover; the noise is lower; and it is equipped with an over-voltage safety protection device;

Packing list:

Main handle controller + base + silicone sleeve + bottle + adapter + fluffy bag + instruction manual*1

Additional information

Weight 410.00 kg
Dimensions 150 × 140 × 110 cm



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