Turkish Blue Eyes Luxury Coffee Cup Saucer Set With Hand


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Product information:

Applicable object: General
Pattern: Gold pattern
Microwave: available
Applicable people: General
Trade attributes: Domestic trade
Color: Eyes A white (clothes dish), eyes A black (clothes dish), eyes A blue (clothes dish), eyes A green (clothes dish), eyes A white (palm dish), eyes A Black (palm dish), eye A blue (palm dish), eye A green (palm dish), eyeball B white (clothes dish), eyeball B black (clothes dish), eyeball B blue ( Clothes disc), Eyeball B green (clothes disc), Eyeball B white (palm disc), Eyeball B black (palm disc), Eyeball B blue (palm disc), Eyeball B green (palm disc)(1style 2style  3style 4style  5style 6style  7style 8style 9style 10style 11style 12style  13style 14style 1 5style 16style )

Capacity: Turkish Cup and Saucer

Packing list:
Cup x1

Additional information

Weight 920.00 kg
Dimensions 160 × 140 × 100 cm

15style, 2style, 8style, 5style, 1style, 11style, 6style, 3style, 13style, 16style, 14style, 9style, 10style, 4style, 12style, 7style


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